Casting Experiment

Tuesday 7th March

Research and Experiment

Looking at the machinery that is used within the milking industry I would like to cast elements of the equipment. Therefore, today I spent the morning helping a fellow student plaster cast her face using alginate. This is a powder that is mixed with water and left to set in a rubbery form. This is good for developing replica shapes of shapes, as it picks up intricate details. This is something that can be used more than once as the mould keeps its shape.

By helping Eleanor carry out this procedure, it has enables me to understand and learn the process of what I will have to do to when I come to using this later on in the project. It is good because it showed me to issues that we came across, which we can resolve for the future.

I know that I would like to carry out this procedure using farm equipment that would be used within the milking and dairy parlour. These could then be used as garment parts or developments in my research by exploring the details of the instruments used in the industry. From doing this I know that I would prefer to create 3D objects, rather than just one face of the tool, as it makes it much more realistic. I would also love to cast different parts of my body such as arms hands and feet to experiment with the work that Kim Deguara has created. However, this would be something that would be don’t later on in the course, after I have gained more knowledge about her work once I have carried out further research.


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