Snapchat-Social Media Research

Thursday 9th March


Social media is the one of it not the main way of communicating with one another and also provides a place for confrontation, issues and debates to occur. Therefore, this is a place that dishes out thousands of campaign advertisements daily, as well as videos and memes that discuss animal cruelty or cause opinionated arguments between different communities across the world.

Recently the well-known app Snapchat has added a filter of a cow’s milk carton. This is something has been made comical, therefore I asked fellow students to take part in forwarding me an image of them with the milk carton.

This to everyone appears to be a normal filter, just another image to laugh about. But to others this will spark debate. The ongoing debate behind dairy farming and how this is cruelty to animals is constantly being coated with fairy dust like when I was younger. Moves like this normalises the issue and reduces the impacts that campaigns have on society, as this is something that the majority of people will see.

Looking at this has explain to me the issues that campaigners will face daily when trying to fight for people to understand industry’s such as: dairy farming, leather and meat. Advertisements are constantly normalising these factors making it harder to them to address the problems to others.

From this I want to look further into the social media campaigns and advertisements that are on-going and see how these have or haven’t been effective on society.


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