Artist Inspiration

Thursday 10th March

Gale Hart is one of the artists that grabbed my initial attention when researching artists that explore this theme of animal cruelty. Therefore, taking inspiration from the illustration of the pig and human; I explored using materials that I have experimented using in previous units to illustrate different animals. Hart is a fine artists and paints the work that she created on large scales. This is something that I don’t specialise in, but it’s the visual appearance of the work and the meaning that inspires me. As a result, looking at how she has filled the silhouette with collages of works and certain colours inspired me to look at filling in my illustrations.

Looking at this idea I wanted to explore looking at the different industry’s that these animals are linked to, therefore looking at the meat, leather, fur and dairy areas that, we as humans, consume.In order to develop my work, I scanned in the images I had sketched using drawing inks and edited images of the items that we consume from the particular animals.




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