Campaign Research and Mood board Development

Monday 13th March

Today I gathered research for each of the different industry’s that campaigns are held against. These include: Fur and Leather, Dairy Farming and Meat. Using the internet, I found research on the guardian and the campaigns that Peta had held, collaborating with celebrities to highlight the issues within each of the three categories. Research included image collecting, slogans and designer influences. Therefore, looking at Peta specially, Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney where my first instincts and the areas where I gathered most of my initial research.

These pieces are still a working development and will be used to inspire the work that I produce post this. Development ideas for this will be layering, but this will be done alongside other work in order to ensure that all work has the same links. I feel that this work has been successful so far, because of the use of research I have incorporates into the work. To take this further I would like to look at projecting these mood board designs onto fabrics and objects to see the potential of further development that this could influence.


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