Photographic Nostalgia

Monday 13th March

Yesterday I gathered a number of images from my childhood on the farm, from the first time I travelled up to the farm until the point where I was helping my uncle out with the realistic working farm industry. Now that I have scanned in these images I will be able to edit these images and work with them to create collages and layered images.

By gathering these images, I developed the idea to look at the photos over a much longer period of time, looking at the time from when my dad and my grandparents where helping out on the farm as children. As a result, I have contacted my auntie to see if she can gather any images from this period. This may be an idea that comes to a dead end because of the access we have to these older images. Therefore, if this is the case I will work with the ones that I have already gathered. However, if the images are found, I will be able to manipulate the images and build them into my work. Looking firstly at image distortion and rearrangement on Photoshop with collage development and then the idea of projection.


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