Pathway Tutorial – Daniele

Tuesday 14th March

During my pathway tutorial with Danielle, fashion pathway leader, pitched my work to her, explaining my aims and objectives of the project in the same way that I and at the start with Jamie and Jo. By talking to a range of different tutors they have all shown different aspects that I could look into widening the scope of my project. Danielle suggested a range do designers to look at (Kenzo, Kathrine Hamnet, Comme Garcons, Reem Alasadi) from the fashion work that may be relevant to my work, as well as a number of books and magazines (AnotherMagazine, ID) I should look at such as the guardians post about the sacred cow to the Indian culture. Reflecting on the past years on the course, Daniele referred me to work from a previous student that look at the structure of the heart to create patterns. Looking at this work was the most influential stage of the tutorial, as I feel that this is something I would like to explore further.

As a result, from this I want to look at the structure of meet and work with images that I can gain from scanning in images of meet. Therefore, this is the next stage of my development. In order to make this activity successful, I will go the supermarket to purchase a variety of meets so that I can look at the different structure and obscurities that the meat has.

Further Research Suggestion


Previous Students Work

Purchasing the Meats


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