Protein Dyes and PVA Solutions

Tuesday 14th March

Whilst having complete access to all textiles facilities during pathway day, I was able to learn the process of mixing my protein dyes and experimenting with glue. This was a simple process of mixing the preferred protein powder colour with warm water and mixing until dissolves. the dye was them added to the PVA glue and a small amount of water to thin out the thickness of the PVA. Once this has been executed, the mixture could then be poured onto cling film or plastic sheets to create different patterns.

With this process I tested writing lettering and adding alternative materials to the glue to see its impacts. However, it was unsuccessful with the lettering because of the fluidity of the mixture. This resulted in the words becoming unrecognisable, as they blended together into one. Furthermore, I added wool fibres to a simple pattern I had created. This so far seems successful, because it has added structure to the glue reducing to fluidity. However, this will be clarified once the PVA mixture has fully dried.


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