Image Manipulation and Pattern Development

Thursday 16th March

From yesterday’s scanning, I took the images collection from the meat and began to edit them on the computer to enhance the colours to bring them to a more realistic representation of the meats physical image. This was created by looking at the brightness and the contrast using the editing software Photoshop.

Once I had successfully done this, I wanted to remove the meat from the image. To do this I used two strategies: the magnetic lasso and the magic eraser. These allow me to select or deselect different areas of the images to leave the interesting elements that I want to keep. After creating these new layers, I created patterns from the meats.

To develop this further, I printed the meats onto acetate so that I was able to layer up the images and stitch into the material so that I could create a montage of images with depth.

By doing this it has advance the initial mood board that I have produced as a reaction to my research on the animal cruelty campaigns. As a result, I would like to use these to project onto the felted sample that I have produces. This is something that I will be able to test to see how successful this development would be if I was to take this path further. From this so far, it has revealed that this has a lot more ways in which I could take this further. And so this is something that I will be continuing to experiment with to see how it impacts my work.


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