Meat Scans

Wednesday 15th March

Throughout the afternoon, I spent the remaining time scanning in the meat that I had purchased. Segmenting the meats into smaller pieces allowed me to capture the different details from all angles. By doing this it would create a variety of shapes which I could use to take further in the development of my work. Whether that is through projection, image manipulation or using them as references for colour choices.

From these images I would like to use these to inspire garment designs for the meat industry. Being selective of the different structures, I would like to look into projection and paper cut outs and how this can take my work further. From this I will look at existing artists who work with these forms and see how they produce their work, so I can manipulate their styles to suit my own.

By experimenting with this i have realised that I would like to create a garment to represent more than one of the campaigns that are currently on the market related to animal cruelty.

Scan Development

With some of the scans I took further to create collages using family photos. By doing this it brought a different view of the image, taking away the happiness and adding the realism of the industry. These can be seen in my sketch book.


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