Artist Research – Ali Harrison

Saturday 18th March

Ali Harrison is an artist who specialises in details paper cuts outs. The ones that stand out the most are those that look at the human body, therefore the lung and heart are prime examples. This is something that relates to the work that I am producing because of the images he has portrayed using this skill.

Therefore, looking at this technique, I want to take forward the meat scans that I have produced and use these to create cut out of the structure that it creates. As a result, this will look at projections, which will enable me to see if this technique is something I still want to take forward to help work towards my final garments.

However, looking at her work it is very delicate and looks very the consuming to produce. Therefore, in order to speed up the process I will look at using large cut outs rather than the small ball cut out that he uses to shape the image.

In order to develop a piece inspired by this work, I am going to look at create large strips of paper that I can wrap around and drape on the body. To do this I will project the meats onto the paper and trace the outline. Once this process has been done I will then start to cut out the shapes.


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