Acetate Development

Monday 3rd April

Now that I had gathered opinions from those around me of the industries I have been focusing on; I decided to bring this into my work straight away by looking at the previous work I had produced by bringing the two ideas together. Firstly, I experimented with free machine embroidery, as I used the free foot to write the quotes onto the sheets of acetate. This idea allowed me to layer the images creating an image that could be faded or striking towards the viewer. As well as that, I explored using handwritten messages which were applied directly onto the acetate with permanent markers.

By doing this is showed work that linked to the garment I had assembled earlier with dyed PVA glue, as this was embroidered in the same way. However, exploring the hand-written typography, made me realise that this was just as effective and a much faster process. Therefore, this is something that I wanted to explore further, maybe by bringing this into a garment I will produce later on in the course.




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