Ali Harrison Inspiration

Friday 31st March

Inspired by Ali Harrison, I wanted to take forward her style and use it within my work. Looking at the previous meat work I had completed when I scanned in to the computer the different cut of meat, I retrieved some very detailed images that would look good cut out of paper.

Therefore, taking this forward, I deceived to project the images of the meet onto the wall paper, which I then traced over. Even though the images were very detailed that Harrison created, I realised that I would prefer to create more abstract representations of them rather than pick up on the intricate detail, as this would take a much longer amount of time

Once I had fully covered the sheet of wall paper I then started to cut out the shapes that it created using a small paper knife. Which resulted in a flowing pattern that was delicate and flexible.

As a result, of the final outcome it has generated further development ideas to wrap the sheet around the body and hang it in different positions to create different visual garment, which can be photographed in the studio. As well as that, by using the projection method to light the image onto the wall paper before tracing the definitive outlines, I would like to project the images of the meat onto the visual garment that will be wrapped around the body. By doing this, it will show where the idea for the pattern generated from.

Hopefully the cut-outs in the sheet will catch the light from the images that will be projected, rather than being drowned out. As a result, this is something that I will need to experiment with when in the photography studio.


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