Embroidered PVA Patches

Wednesday 22nd March

Looking at the news article I had come across; I wanted to look back on the PVA and protein dye experiment I had carried out early on in the course, which were inspired by each of the industry’s: ‘bloody fur’, milk and blood. Using the quotes I had gathered to produce my mood board from the disturbing industries, I had research at the start of the project, I decided to take forward and embroider into the different patches.

Embroidering the appropriate quotes onto the different themed patched developed the idea of attaching them all together to create a garment which represented the current campaigns that have generated because of the industries procedures. As a result, to do this I laid the patches into the manikin, attaching them together with pins and before securing them into place using the sewing machine. Different patched where taken forward and redesigned to imply different procedures, such as the meat knife that I had created from a wooden block and the fur strip that looked like ‘bloody fur’.




Once all the patches has been produced, I then went onto assemble them together like patchwork. Using a manakin to ensure that the body promotions where taken into consideration, i was able to form these around the body to create a garment.



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