Experiment with Latex

Thursday 23rd March

Inspired by the film screening and further research into how they had produces the skin suit. I wanted to recreate this image that they had produced during this scene. The disturbing costume design is what I feel the slaughter houses would make anyone feel who entered. Therefore, taking forward this design I wanted to look at recreating a joint that would represent meat. In order to make this appear disturbing to the human eye, I decided to take inspiration from the sculptor Kim Deguara who created casts of hands which were designed to appear like a piece of meat on sale in the supermarkets, as well as the Meat campaign PETA held where the human bodies where wrapped in cellophane and presented on the streets. With this in mind and the recent influence from the film, Silence of the Lambs, I decided to create a human size leg.

To create this image, I looked at the resources that we have within the college that I could experiment with to create the texture and appearance of skin. Looking at Liquid latex, I decided to see how this would set on the leg of a manikin. To do this I firstly wrapped the manikin with cellophane to protect the surface of the model before adding a layer of latex to the tightly wrapped and sealed surface. This was repeated numerous of times, drying with a hair dryer between each layer, until the latex was this enough to cut and peel away once it had been left to dry.


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