Farm Day

Saturday 25th march

Today I travelled to the farm to gather some further primary research. Here I went up at midday and stayed until 5:30pm. By staying for this period of time, I enabled me to help volunteer on the farm, feeding the new born lambs, topping up water, giving them sugar beet and treacle, as well as setting up the feeding process. Going through this routine it allowed me to understand the current process on the farm, even though they are now a retired dairy farm. Whilst at the farm I collected sheep fur from the fences and the rope from the milking parlour, which I could use on my final garments.

Being a part of the daily process it enabled me to see a small part of the energy and hard labour that farmers would have to carry out daily. I got to see the sad and disturbing parts from the animals that didn’t make it through the birth of their young and the joys of being able to feed the lambs. It showed the tough stages of a farmer and how they have to deal with difficult situations regularly, which could be life or death for his animals.

From this it has made me understand the business a lot more and seeing how small business, such as my uncles have to pull through to generate profit for their families. Even though there are large business that are taking over the industries with battery farming and animal cruelty, it is vital that we keep these small businesses because these provide better living conditions and let their animals grow healthily.

Because of this gained knowledge, I would like to look into the creating banners and border to support the local farmers that rear these animals safely and in the friendliest ways in order to keep the business flowing and producing an income. Even though there are aspects that would question the cruelty to animals, these animals are not abused, by being beaten and aren’t living in cages throughout their short lived until slaughtered or used for their products. As a result of doing this it will help to raise awareness of the local farms and save the business that are slowly being outdone by bigger business that produce cheaper goods through battery farming.



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