Wednesday 5th April

Now that my materials had arrived, I was able to start making my felt cloak. This was going to be a long process and take several days to create enough panels to assemble together to create a cloak. Using the method, I had used previously in my experimentation, which led to projection and different typography methods.

Starting using the skin coloured wool as the base layer, I then layered up the colours going from salmon to loganberry. To represent the flesh. Adding in some rusty oranges, browns and darker pinks here and there added to that realistic meat representation.

From this method I was able to create 5 sheets in 2 hours. Knowing that I was going to produce over 20, I found that this would be a long process. Therefore, as a result I decided that this was a process that would have to be done for a full day once a week. This is because, if I continued to carry out this process every day consecutively it would become repetitive and boring, making the process even slower. As a result, by pre planning the days I would do this would be much more time effective.



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