Festival of Making

Tuesday 4th April

Today we had been introduced to the Festival of Making and the role that we as students can take on board for the event. We had been asked to present our work during the catwalk show which would be help on Saturday the 6th May in the Windsor suit at Blackburn’s King Georges Hall. This venue will be set up with up to 80 allocated seats as well as area for standing. The radio, the telegraph and other press companies will be attending the event, making this huge event that will be published and talked about in and around the local area.

This was something that I wanted to take part in, as it would enable me to show my work to a large number of people and hopefully allow them to understand the reasoning behind the work I will produce.

By opting into participating in this event, we were then held responsible for ensuring that all garments would be made and ready to wear by the 4th May, to allow time to transport the garments to the venue. We were also responsible for the models which we had to gather ourselves. Finally, we had to select the music that would most suit our work. This had to be given to the music producers at the venue by Tuesday 2nd May.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 23.35.17


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