Further Experimentation

Friday 24th march


Now that the Latex leg had dried from yesterday, I was able to cut the leg and peel if away from the manikin. Once complete, I filled the leg with wadding to enhance the structure and stable the leg back together. To create to ‘leg joint’ appearance, I purchased some butcher string from our local butcher on the Blackburn Mall Market, which I used to tie around the leg. Because of the cellophane, it caused the leg to appear bumpy and uneven, which didn’t successfully imitate the human leg. However, the structure made it clear the intention of the piece and therefore this led me onto create more of these.


In order to improve from the previous times, decided not to use cellophane, and to just apply the liquid straight onto the manikin. Using the same procedure, I created the piece by individual layers, ensuring that I dried each layer before applying the next to speed up the process. Once I had completed four legs, I left them over the weekend to dry thoroughly.



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