Further Results from Experiment 4

Monday 10th April

From the final experiment, I held to find to out which was the most suitable solution, we realised that the watered-down acrylic, wallpaper paste was the most milk like. This was also a solution that did not set or separate within the first 24 hours.

However, over time I have realised that the because the solution has been watered down so much, it has now started to separate after 5 days of being in the sachet. This isn’t a huge issue because the solution mixes back together when the garment is no longer stationary. Moreover, we have found out a much large issue with the garment design and the materials that have been used. This is the weight of the overall garment. Because of the large amount of liquid that the garment contains, the sum of all the sachets added together has resulted in the garment becoming extremely heavy. Therefore, this is a garment that may need to be taken out of the catwalk for the festival of making if we find that it is no longer suitable to wear.


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