Garment Designs

Tuesday 4th April

Garment designs

Garment 1


This design based on the milking industry, was the represent the milk collected ready to send off to sell. My design shows sachets of milk which are patched together to create a garment. These would be graffitied with text about the industry and the animals welfare throughout this process.

Garment 2

The design behind the meat garment was to find and create a material that would represent the skin on meat. The material I have selected is liquid latex, because once dry, it leaves a light yellow, brown tinted skin colour. This material has a disturbing image which fits with the structure design of a human leg. This will have an immediate discomforting impact on the views, hopefully intriguing them to look further into the work.


Garment 3

After exploring the properties of felting and the potential the material had, I was able to to design garments based on this to ensure that the designs present the material at its fullest. This design was a cloak produced out of patched of felt assembled together. Using the experimentations as a step to move on from, I had found that i could make a reversible cloak, which would show a flesh imitated design on one side, and a luxurious woollen coat on the other. This comparison would create an immediate impact on the audience.




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