Interview – Central Saint Martins (Design and Marketing)

Tuesday 21st march

On arrival at Central Saint Martin’s we were greeted by a lecture who was leader of the fashion department. As we entered he explained his role and the routine of the day as the interview process would occur. Talking about the course, he explained his role within the college and what he feels you need to be to be a successful student – that you need to be hardworking and determined to achieve the best. Explaining the name that the college has generated from successful designers such as: Christopher Kane, Stella McCartney, John Galliano and the late Alexander McQueen, he expressed his passion for finding the next big designer. From the course they wanted the next big thing to come onto the Catwalks in the way that Molly Goddard has in the recent years of graduating.

After talking us about what the course is looking for, he introduced a current 2nd year on the course. She showed us around the building including the Library, computer suites, studio rooms and the UAL Stationary Shop before sitting us down in the waiting room for our individual interview. As the time passed by, the current student talked to us about the faculties as well as how she finds the course. Whilst explaining that the course if very challenging, she enjoys the course and expresses that through her approach to discussing her feelings about her time at CSM.

As I was called for my interview, she asked me about my work and what I have been producing over the course of the year. I talked her through my first project, looking at the symbols behind countries and the application of print onto the fabric. I explained how this later developed my work onto looking at the traditional clothing of the Samurai era. She was impressed by the work that I had produced and felt that I was onto something with the structures I had created with the garments. However, she wanted to understand why I wanted to do fashion design and not art. Explaining that my designs where too sketchy made me realise that I needed to produce designs using my style but add further detail to them so that they were distinguishable from illustrations. With this in mind, she continued on to explain that she wants to see the next stage of the work, how would it develop to become a collection, looking at the different elements of the garment and taking them forward to create trousers, blouses etc.

From this interview I was happy with the feedback that I received, as it made me realise my next steps as a fashion designer. It informed me of my weakness and how I can improve, as well as looking at how I can take my work further to make more practical for my future lead in the industry.

With this in mind and having my next interview within a week’s time, I wanted to show my next project and how this is developing, so that they can see my versatility within the industry in terms of themes and technique development. As a result, discussion with my tutor Jamie, we decided that I would take with me the work I produce within the next few days.


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