Local Dairy Farm Milk Bottle

Sunday 8th April

Being a family that have always purchased milk from local farms, we have always seen, used and washed out milk bottle ready to return to the company who delivers the milk to our door. This particular one took my interest because of the large amount of promotion material that has been added to the milk bottle to show that this milk is helping towards being eco-friendly. The use of words, such as the carbon footprint, and the freshness of the milk.

Therefore, taking forward this idea, I would like to look at making my own milk bottles that represent the milk industry. For this I will look back on the typography experiment I carried out and incorporate the quotes that I have collected. As well as this, taking it from the business side, I would like to look at the benefits of smaller dairy farms in comparison to those on large scales across the work. I want to look at how these business provide living space for the animals, places to roam around and graze in the field. I want to emphasise that this is a better alternative as it does reducing the animal cruelty within thin the industry. By looking at it from this angle, it highlights the issues of bigger business taking over in the industry by offering cheaper products. But also the issues that these business taking over are those that provide cheaper products because they aren’t organic, nor are the animals being taken care of properly, as they live by a strict daily routine for the majority of their lives.


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