Wednesday 29th March

In order to create my cape design for the fur industry, I needed to order in the wool in order to ensure I had enough. With assistance from Gwyneth, the textiles technician, who informed me on the best places to purchase the wool, I was able to order the specific colours that I required to recreate the sheet that I had previously experimented with.

Calculating the weight of the sheet I had already produced at 30g, and that the cape would have to be 5 sheets x 5 sheets at the minimum, I would need 750g of wool. Therefore, with this estimation, I decided that I would order 1100g of wool to ensure I had enough, with access to spare if possible for sampling. As a result, the colours I decided to order of merino wool where: 800g of flesh, 200g of salmon and 100 of loganberry. This came to a total of £39.60 including VAT and delivery charge.Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 14.24.23


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