Milk Experiment 1

Tuesday 4th April

Milk experiment 1

Looking at the dairy industry I wanted to use the materials that would be the biggest representation of the industry. Therefore, I wanted to look into trapping liquid into sachets. Therefore, in order to find the most suitable method and liquid to put into the sachets, I started an experiment to work out the best for the garment.

First I tried to see how I would get the liquid into a sachet. Gathering a large number of plastic cd wallets, I filled it with water. After leaving this for only a few seconds, the bag started to leak. As a result, I then tried melting the seams using grease proof paper and an iron. I did this on three sides leaving one to fill with liquid. Once sealed, I left this for half a day and there had been no change in the sachet. Showing that the method could potentially be the most successful.

Now that I had my method of inserting the liquid, I now had to find the most milk like substance. I first tried protein dyes. This was very successful and suitable consistency for milk. However, protein dyes don’t come in white. Next I tried using PVA glue and white acrylic. This was too thick and dried within 4 hours and therefore was not suitable for what I wanted to achieve.


From these results, I felt that I needed to look into finding a watered down version of the acrylic and PVA solution, but ones that would not dry over time. Therefore looking into materials that I could add to water I felt was my next step.


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