Milk Sachet Production

Thursday 6th April

Today I had set the goal to produce all the milk sachets I would need to create the garment. In order to make this process fast I first hand written ill the quotes I had gathered throughout the project onto the sachets before sealing all the edges of the sachets first before then moving onto trapping the milk inside.

The first issue I stumbled across was that the text transferred from sachet to the other faintly because of the grease proof paper. Therefore, in order to reduce this, I change the paper every 5 sachets in order to reduce the build-up of words. After resolving this issue, I then found that leaving the iron in the same place caused the plastic to over melt so that it because stringy when the paper was pulled away. Therefore, from this I had to ensure that the iron was constantly moving to stop this from happening.

Once I had done 30 sachets, I then started filling them with the watered down liquid that I had previously produced and sealed each one at the top. This was a process that I repeated over and over again until all the sachets where done.

I then started sealing more sachets at home in the hope to continue this process. However, I found that the intensity of the heat on the irons were different, which result in me having to change the time I left the iron on the plastic for to ensure that the iron didn’t not over melt the plastic. Once this issue was resolved, I was able to continue sealing and filling the sachets.



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