News Article

Wednesday 22nd March


Whilst researching into the industry, I found a disturbing article on a veterinary student attending a university in Olsztyn who stitched “I LOVE YOU” into the skin- during an operation- on a live dog. This was a case that was published in 2004 and resulted in an investigation being carried out into the deliberate act.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 14.14.14

Due to this case showing acts of animal cruelty I felt that this was something that I could use to reflect on within my work, as recently I have been looking into way I could use creative typography. I could take forward the meaning behind the news article, and use the stitching to express quotes from animal cruelty campaigns I have been studying. To bring this into my work, I feel that I could embroidery using the free foot on the sewing machine into the set PVA glue strips I created to represent the different industries. This would be something that would promote the message of animal cruelty, which has been directly influenced by a form of animal cruelty that has taken place previously.


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