Projection onto Wool

Monday 3rd April

As a follow-on from the exploration with typography, I wanted to see how this could impact an objects appearance through projection, as this is something that I have previously tested out. Therefore, from this I decided to project the acetate sheet that had handwritten lettering in permanent pen onto the sample of felting I had produce earlier on in the course. This allowed me to gain knowledge of its potential, to see if this could be something I could continue to develop throughout the project.

However, the results from this experiment are shown below and appear to not be very successful. The writing appears to be very blurred and unrecognisable. Which was the not the outcome I was looking for, as I wanted to it to stand out and be striking against the object. I believe that I can adopt the method that I used to make this more successful and impact the way that I want it to if I was to use a different style of projector that was controlled through a computerised system. These are much more powerful, as a result this may increase the quality of the projection and improve the visibility of the writing on the fabric.


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