Library Research

Tuesday 4th April

Taking time to look further into my project, I decided to take some book out of the library to see if there was any research there that could help with the development of my current work.

With Vivienne Westwood being one of the fashion designers I initially looked at at the start of the project during my pitch, I decided to take out a copy of her book to see if there was anything within there that I would be able to take on board.

However the most striking book that caught my eye was “Looking at Vegetarianism”. This was a book that covered all aspects of reasons as to why people turn to vegetarian and adapt to the rules behind the culture. Therefore within the book it talks about animal cruelty, as well as issues such as health risks and global warming.

This book explains the different issues within the industry, looking into all the meat, fur and dairy campaigns that are common. it shows percentages and facts about the different sections and how these not only cause distressing times for the animals we are gaining the produce from, the health risks that this can have on us as humans.

Overall this book helped me gain further knowledge on the industries, as well as information on the reasoning behind vegetarianism.


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