Window Display’s

Sunday 26th March 17


Travelling down to London for my portfolio review, I was able to divert to the streets beforehand so see the new SS17 window displays on the famous Oxford Street and Covent Garden district. Here I was able to see all new merchandising and advertising for shops displays. A company that took my attention was UNIQLO.

UNIQLO’s window display consisted of its company aim to raise awareness and promote the use of premium linen. This display showed the raw material flax, before its turned into the fibre, then the yearn and then the Linen. The process shows the cycle of the fibres from plant to the material.

This cycle reminded me of the cycle that occurs in each of the industries that I have been looking at: from the meat, to the dairy products and then the fur. However, the comparison shows its differences, as the industry they are looking at involves no animals and so the process isn’t disturbing to those who see the process. It almost hides the issues within fashion, as it dismisses the issues behind selling leather goods within the store.

As a result, because of this research it has sparked ideas for potential exhibition designs, which could show the disturbing cycle of the goods produces from the three industries I have focused on.


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