Festival of Making Planning and Organisation

Friday 28th April

With the catwalk in just over a week’s time I wanted to finalise all aspects that I had to arrange myself to ensure that the I don’t forget anything. Therefore, this consisted of me choosing the most suitable clothing to be worn underneath the clothes that I have made. I also had to select the music I wish to be using and providing the information of my models to my tutors for the day of the event.

First of all, I selected my music. I wanted to use something that represents me, so therefore something that I enjoy. However, because of the meaning behind my work, I don’t want to use anything well known, upbeat and joyful. As a result, the song I had selected was Sonny Fodera’s Recollections.


Next I provided the information to my tutor, who gave me consent form that had to be filled in by my models and brought on the day of the event.

Finally, I travelled into town to purchase the undergarments for my clothes. I decided to purchase these from Primark as they were much cheaper than other stores and reliable for a one off event. Therefore, I selected the shorts, which I felt would be more suitable and comfortable for the models because they would securely hide all body parts.



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