Wednesday 26th  – Thursday 27th  April

Now that the cloak had been pinned together, it has to be embellished into place. This would finalise the garment and allow it to keep its structure. Therefore, this was the task I had to complete within the next two days. In order to ensure that the garment was completely fixed together, I started from the bottom and worked by way up.

Throughout the process the embellishing became easier, however, around the neckline the pieces become rather heavy and thick. Therefore, this became a struggle when embellishing, causing a needle to snap. However, after fixing in a new needle, I continued the process taking extra care on areas where the thickness was much larger than others.

The final outcome of the garment was impressive, showing the inside of the garment through the twisting and folding of the embellished pieces and the drape of the garment itself. Overall I feel that this is one of the strongest pieces I have made.

Finished Garment




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