Exhibition Planning

Tuesday 9th May

Now that all the garments had been finished it was now time to focus on the presentation of the work that I will be displaying within my exhibition space. First of all, I had to work out how I would like to display my work. Knowing that I have an object per garment I need to ensure that they are placed next to one another, because the garments need to be seen against their product rather than a collection of clothing designs next to a collection of objects.

The first plan I needed to understand was whether or not the garments would be better hanging or worn by the manikins. Feeling the weight of the garments and how fragile the milk dress is, it was clear that the garment is not suitable to be hung, as it will distort the shape and put pressure on certain points on the neckline.

As a result, the garment would look better positioned on a manikin, as it would give the garments context of how it lies on the body and the function of the garment. However, in order to relate the work to the objects they do need to be places close to one another. Therefore, experienting with some “space” designs I decided that I would like to hang the manikins with the garments on them and position the objects on plinths beneath them. This shows similarities to the Uniqlo designs, as the materials where places on plinths in an order which explained how linen is produced.

Now that I had selected the initial way to arrange my exhibition, I had to select the best colour for my manikins. In order to see which was best, I decided to place the meat garment on the white manikin and then on the black to provide a comparison. By doing this it showed that the black made the garment stand out clearly. This was vital because I didn’t want the garments to be lost, as they need to be eye catching to the viewer. With the exhibition space being white anyway. This would also improve the garments image.

As a result of this I painted all of my manikins black and added PVA to the surface to remove the matte finish.



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