Projection Experimentation

Monday 8th May

With the pressure away which was caused by the festival of making, I was able to spend time in the photography suit, exploring projection which I had initially wanted to test.

First of all, I experimented with the leg joint I had produced. By hanging this with a meat hook, I was able to create the eerie atmosphere behind the design of the leg. Using a high power projector, it projected a high quality image on the object, which enabled me to focus in and out using the lens. The images I chose to project where the mood boards I had initially produces at the start of the project. The darkness of some of the photos and the boldness of the typography enabled the text to stand out on the skin of the leg. Some of the images I explored where too dark and didn’t work as successfully.



Once I had explored imagery on the leg, I then went onto explore the meat scans that I had previously collected and projected them onto the meat paper cut out I had previously designed and created.

Overall I feel the projections where successful, however I would have to look further into how I could position the object in front of the lens without catching the surrounding outline of the laptop tab, as this takes away the atmosphere created by the work.




I feel that if I had more time to explore the route of projection I would like to develop a short video clip of the clothing I am producing and all the campaigns being held that I have researched. I believe that that would be something that would take a lot of time and tweaking in order to make perfect. It would also require help from other students who are confident in the field of media, in order for me to successfully produce something.



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