Pamphlet Design

Wednesday 10th May

To go alongside my work, I want to present a pamphlet about why I am carrying out this project and what it is I want to emphasise through my work. Even though my work speaks for itself, I feel that it can be seen from different ages as a representation of different things, such as the basics of vegetarianism and animal cruelty. But the meaning behind my work is much more than that.

Therefore, I started to draft the initial information I wanted to have within the booklet. Therefore, information about my farming background, my view on the industry, my support for the local farming businesses, anti-cruelty and then the work that I am displaying.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 11.28.07

Once my draft had been produced, I worked on the design of my booklet. I wanted to have images of the work I had produced, along with the written work I had produced. I then started to design the booklet on Adobe Illustrator.


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