DIY on the Exhibition Space

Thursday 18th May

Now that the structure of the exhibition was in place and all the work had safely been removed from the room it was time to gum strip the edges of where the boards meet together and fill any holes that where in the boards.

ws 22

This took team work, which was very effective to start with, as everyone was in the mood to get stuck in. However, as time passed, because became bored of the same routines and started to lack in ambition. This made it harder to complete because there were less and less people taking part. Furthermore, as a result of this, it caused tension between those working and those who weren’t, as it seemed that some people were doing more than others.

Eventually by the afternoon we were all ready to start painting, so once again people started to join in again, but as time passed individuals gave in to helping. With the painting having to be complete by the end of Friday, this caused tension to build once again between individuals.




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