Exhibition Development

Tuesday 23rd May

Using the exhibition designs I had drawn out, I rearranged and manipulated the designs to see how they would best suit the space I had been allocated. Doing this I looked at: staggering the garments on different layers, placing them on different heights and placing them in front of one another. Furthermore, the initial design I had drawn out was the best visual display for the garments. However, the garments were too cramped and clashed together, losing the meaning of the garments. This took away the individuality of the garments, making them appear as a collection rather than individual garments. As a result, I decided that the garments would have to be pulled out of the space to created more depth to the space. This will enable me to spread out the garment across the bar, giving them more space in between allowing them to breath.


Original Plan


Seeing the central garment low down


Bringing forward the central garment

This was a potential idea for the development of the space, however I felt that bringing forward the one garment took the emphasis away form the other two, making the others seem less superior. As a result I believed that the initial plan of having them side by side would be the most effective way to hang them.


Pulling back the central garment

This plan took the garment completely out of the picture, it took away the quality of the garment because of its size, causing the garment to appear lost within the space. This was because it was being covered slightly by to long and volumes garments. As a result to have this garment protruding out of the space would be more effective.
Once I had organised the further plans for my space, I had my tutorial with Jo about the images I had captured at the farm. We looked through the images and talked about the quality in each of the pictures. After looking at a final three that where the most successful, we decided that I could display large A0 images outside of the room on the corridor at the entrance before you go into the exhibition to see my original work. This would be contextual information for the viewers to see and create an awareness of the project.

The Final images selected and edited:

These are the strongest images from the cape garment designed to imitate the fur of an animal skinned alive. These images have been edited to bring out the colours in the garment and show the garment at its full. From seeing the images next to one another, the strongest out of the four are the 1st (full length cloak, in-side-out) and the 4th close up on the beck of the garment.



This is the image that I have selected for my final image of the meat garment. This is probably the weakest of the three image is will be selecting. However capturing a successful image of the garment was difficult because of the darkness of the bullets pen.

These are the final three images selected for the milk dress. All of these images make the garment standout amongst its surroundings, which makes the image successful. Overall I feel that the 2nd one is the most successful, because the image gives you a clear visual of the design of the garment.

Final Three


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