Farm Shoot on Location

Saturday 13th May

Taking the photoshoot on location, using my sister as the model – because of her connections with my project (linking to nostalgia) – I was able to recreate the shoot I held on Thursday at the farm. This enables me to bring context into the images. Making the garment more powerful in its surroundings.

The images taken where much more effective. However, because of the natural light, every area of the farm had different lighting, therefore this made capturing certain elements of the garment difficult. In order to keep the images as natural as possible, I manually changed the brightness settings on the camera. Furthermore, in places such as the milk parlour and the cow shed, this was much more difficult, so flash had to be used to compensate for the minimal natural light.

As a result, the most effective images where the images taken outdoors. Surprisingly the images in the milking parlour where just as successful. This may be because of the light from the window, acting as a spot light. But these images took the garment to a different level, bringing a ray of context and reality to the images which were captured.

Images with lighting issues:

Successful images:

When capturing the images, I ensured I took into consideration the composition of the images. A result, using a work sheet from Unit 4, I was able to create images that where successful.


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