Final Exhibition and Pamphlet Design

Wednesday 24th May

Moving forward with the garment arrangements, I started the plan for the extension. Using wooden planks, I was able to attach them to the wooden boards and secure them with brackets. Once in place, I was then able to attach the garments and see the outcome of the experiment. The visual result of the plan where successful, as it allowed the garments to have more room and the ability to breath. However, the brackets used could not support the weight of the garments. Therefore, with a heavy duty bracket in place, the exhibition design will be successful.


Using wooden planks, I created smaller panels for the extension

Taking off the old bar and attaching the brackets to the boards to secure the extension in place.

Wood naturally dur to the pressure of the weight without a strong bracket in place.


Final display in place with strong brackets. Here the garments are porting from the space, bringing forward the garments allowing them to breath and be seen from all angels.

After organising the exhibition space, I then spent the afternoon in the mac suit. Using my time effectively, I was able to finalise my pamphlet by inserting the edited images and my work colleges from over the year. Once completed I then printed off the booklet on card and paper. In order to see which was the better version, I asked fellow class mates their opinion on which they thought was the better quality and why. Overall they said that the paper one was better because the quality of the print was higher and it was easier to turn the pages.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 12.13.24

On the way home I stopped to purchase the wooden board for the plinths that I needed to create. With many different types of wood to choose from, I saw that there where white MDF pieces of board. With limited time left, I felt like these would be a more time efficient as I would have to paint the boards after they have been assembled. Therefore, taking this into consideration I decided to purchase the white boards.


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