Producing the Plinths

Thursday 25th May

The final prep for my exhibition space was assembling the plinths. In order to ensure that the plinths were assembled at a right angle, I attached a wooden block which an accurate 90-degree angle to the board I was working on. This allowed me to push the boards against the block while they were drilled together. Using this method all the way around ensures that the plinth would create an accurate cube. Once all the sides where joined, we then cut the lid to the accurate side of the cube and attached it once the edges where sanded to leave smooth sides. This method was followed twice to create the two wooden plinths.


When creating the plinths, we found it difficult the drill the nails into the holes so that they were flush, as a result in order to make the whole bigger, we drilled a slightly large hole over the top of the hole already made to create a dentation. In the process of doing this, sometimes it pulled away the white coating on the surface of the wood. Moreover, to resolve this issue, using filler, I filled in the holes which covered the screws and the damage made around them.


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