Studio Shoot

Thursday 11th May

With all the garments finished, I was able to get them into the photography suit where I was able to get high quality pictures of the structure of the garments. By booking the studio so late in advance, I had to model the work myself alongside a photographer, Zara and two other models, Emily and Eleanor. Even though I initially thought this would cause my garments to lose their strength, I felt that this was beneficial, I was able to organise my shoot easily, as I could show the models what I wanted by being photographed first. This kept my shoot controlled, resulting in some successful images being shot.

My initial outcome from the shoot looked very successful on the camera screen, as I opted for a dark lit shoot. However once these where blown up large on a computer screen, the images where too dark, therefore it was clear that I needed to edit some of the most successful images.

Overall I felt that this shoot produced some really successful images, but I feel like the context behind the shoot was lost because of the plain surroundings. As a result, from this I decided to do a shoot on location at the farm. With this being out of college hours, it would be difficult to get models and photographers. As a result, using my sister as a model I believed would be suitable because of her immediate connections to the farm and the project I have taken upon myself to create.


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