Friday 26th May

Over the project I have purchased items that I have need in order to produce the work I have designed. Where I could I collected materials that were free, by sourcing them from the farm and using materials provided by the college course.

Item Price (£)
Chicken 2.49
Glass Jar x2 4.98
Merino Wool 39.60
Brackets x2 14.94
Pamphlet x 3 2.40
Plinths x2 13.00
Paint Tubes x 4 4.00
Under garments 24
Chain 3.94
Piping 4.78
Meat 8.33
Heart 2.50
Total 124.96

Further costing that will be added to this list will be the images I will be displaying at the exhibition. On average this will add £33 to the current total price for three A0 poster prints.

By doing this it has given me an overview of how to manage my costing in order to stay cost efficient. This skill will improve my transaction from this current course to London College of Fashion, as I have will be able to successfully monitor my cash flow throughout my upcoming project whilst at university.


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