Harvard References

Friday 2nd June


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Magazine Article

Price, R. (2017). How Harper Adams aims to maximise dairy beef growth rates. Farmers Weekly. p1-3.

The majority of these references allowed me to gain knowledge of world around us, enabling me to see how it works. From seeing PETA and all the cruelty in the world, to the regular Farmers weekly on how they work to improve the industry and help it grow. It allows you to see two sides to the industry, which is the cause of this split between the worlds perceptions on the industries across the world.

These different stories that occurred over the years has allowed me to understand why I chose the project. It allowed to once again understand why I understand the need for the business. Not only for the products gained from it, but the family earnings that have affected not only the big industry’s but the small local farm I have grown up on. It is a huge industry that the world depends on.

Some of the other websites, have sparked to ideas that I have experimented with throughout the process of development. One of the main websites was Pinterest, where I stumbled upon Ali Harrison. She specialised in intricate paper cut outs. This led me to my projection garment where I used images of the meat scans to create the patterns which I later cut out of the paper.

Another artist that intrigued me into this topic initially was Gale Hart. She was a painter who produced a striking image of a man who is thought to be slaughtering a pig. However, as the images where only silhouettes filled with colours it, led me to my first illustrations of the animals that I hand crafted using Indian drawing ink, which I then manipulated on the computer to create animal drawing filled with their products.

Silence of the lambs was the main influence within my work for the meat garment, which was driven from the idea of the skin of a human being sewn back together to represent a human joint. This uneasy object, inspired initially by PETA meat packaging campaign and Kim Deguara’s casts, developed to be a final piece produced from the drive of this project.


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