Final Exhibition Space

Monday 5th June

Hanging the show was completed today, ensuring that all the garments have been safely hung so that I could guarantee they were securely in place. Following the plan that I had set in stall, the design was successful executed with the stronger brackets which were now in place.

Issues that I faced included the weights of the garments when together, as well as them rotating on the string. This was resolved by using stronger brackets and zip ties. As well as those issues, I decided to remove the pamphlet from the exhibition, as the work itself is strong enough to be self explanatory. Furthermore, when testing the pamphlet in the exhibition space, it was a distraction within the space. Therefore as a result this was something that I decided to submit.

Finishing touches that will need to be added before the opening on Wednesday 21st at 6pm will be the milk substance that needs to be mixed in the milk dress due to the liquid separating. As well as that a picture of pea glue water and acrylic will also need to be poured into the milk bottles. In order to do this I will arrive at the venue half an hour earlier than the show starts to ensure that everything is accurately in place.

Once the images had been printed on to A0, I was able to mount them to improve the quality of the images finish before displaying them in the corridor. This added to the total costings of the project adding £33 to the total resulting in a final costing of £157.96

Now that the images are up and displayed in the corridor, To ensure that they stay neat and undamaged, we covered the images with paper to protect them.


Overall from this process of designing and laying the exhibition, I have been tested by issues that I have faced that potentially would of effected the final outcome of my display. It has allowed me to see the exhibition in a larger perspective, enabling me to look for alternative ideas and solutions to my problems to resolve ideas to make them happen the way I had planned.

I am really pleased with the outcome of my exhibition, as it feel that the design is simple but affective, showing the light of the topic that I am trying to express through the garment designs.


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