Open Night of the Exhibition

Thursday 22nd June

Final Evaluation

On arrival I was interviewed by media and fellow students on my work, because of their interest in the project I had produced.  Due to the intensity of questions and the large crowd arriving as the doors opened this was challenging, as crowds listened in to the interviews taking place. By doing this it brought back a sense of reality, as designers would carry out interviews on a daily basis about their work. This gave me experience in this by being placed on the spot so suddenly.

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 12.10.50

View the interview at:

As I hovered round my exhibition piece I was able to answer the questions that viewers had on the work, by explaining the reasoning behind my project. By doing this it gave me a visual on the success of my work, as the audience was accurate in understanding the work exhibited. I believe that this is an outcome I would deem successful, allowing me to believe that my final design was something that expressed the development of the project

Processed with MOLDIV

Overview of the Exhibition

Viewers where interested in talking about the work, explaining that “it is good to be able to talk to the artist and understand the concept behind their own work to see the comparison between mine and their interpretation of what they have produced”. One lady explained that “I have touched everyone’s exhibition piece, but there is something disturbing about yours that takes me back. I just can touch it. You’ve certainly got that point across”. Being overwhelmed by the number of positive comments from everyone I was able to speak to, I am very pleased with the outcome of the project and exhibition night.




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